Saturday, June 29, 2019

7 Tried and True Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling with little ones - that's a daunting topic isn't it!? Gone are the days of carefree travel where you can choose any flight, leave any time, stay anywhere and eat anything. There's a lot of preparation that goes into traveling with little ones but I can help you with some of that!

You know how much I love to plan activities so it's no surprise that I prepped all kinds of activities for our various travel adventures! I'm here to share some of our favorites with you to hopefully make your planning a little easier! Whether you’re traveling by airplane or by car these tips are sure to keep your little one happy and engaged!

1. Cookie Tray: This is my favorite tip! Seriously, if you do nothing else, do this! This tray is the perfect catch all! I can be used a a snack tray, an activity table and they’re even magnetic! Plus they're a dollar! Can't beat that!

2. Magnetic Puzzles - This was quite possibly the activity that gave us the most bang for our buck! Just add magnets to the back of puzzle pieces so they stick to the tray! This can even be done with foam puzzles for the youngest of travelers. 

3. Countdown Strip: To curb down on those “Are we there yet?” questions, use masking tape and mark off the hours of travel! Bonus if you print out a little car or plane and move it along the strip as you go!

4. Water Wow: These things are magical (quite literally!). You paint with water to make the colors show up on the picture. Then once they dry, you paint again! They are the perfect travel size, reusable and mess free! 
5. Gel Window Clings: These are really fun to use on airplane windows or on those cookie trays in the car! My little ones love to put them on and take them off over and over again!

6. Snacks: This one is obviously a no brainer - but lots of snacks! Think of things that are mess free and take awhile to eat (raisins, cheerios, etc).

7. Scavenger Hunt/Map: Before each trip I research the route to our destination and draw up a little map for the boys. Nothing fancy (if you've seen my drawing skills, you know I'm not kidding 🤣). I include any land marks we might see (bridges, lakes, waterfalls, buildings, etc.) Even the youngest of travelers like the know what to expect and follow along on the adventure! And engaging them in the travel is part of the fun!

That's it! Those are my favorites! I hope they help you plan out your next trip!
Enjoy your adventures! 🛪🚙