Subscription Box

Want to engage your little one in play that is meaningful but will also prepare them for kindergarten!? Don't have the time or skills to set up these activities yourself?

That's what I'm here for! 

Each subscription box is centered around a toddler school theme for ages 1-4. All boxes include 5 different activities that target the major developmental groups of little ones: movement, cognitive, language, sensory and social/emotional! I will also include some ideas for extended play, art projects and more! All with little to no prep work for you!

You would know the theme ahead of time and only sign up for the ones you’re interested in! No commitment! 
(unless of course you love commitment and want to sign up for an ongoing subscription 😜 )

Included in each box:
- All printables needed
- All materials already prepped and ready to go
- All supplies needed
- Instruction cards for each activity included
**You will also have the option of adding a book to your subscription box for an addition $5** 

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Tanya said...

Such a smart idea! I am so excited! Brilliant!

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