Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study {Chapter 8}

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th! My family always does 4th of July up big! We watched a parade, had biscuits and gravy, played invisible baseball, messy twister, lip sync battles and more food than we knew what to do with! It is an all day event and boy am I tired. 

Here are just a few photos from the day! Messy twister was by far the best part! So much fun. Although, the paint isn't fully washing off so I look part Smurf! Worth it. 

Now on to the book study! 

Math Daily 3!
Yep, that's a thing now. 

Math by Myself
Math Writing
Math with Somone

I have to be honest, I am super anxious to teach math again. This past year, I was assigned as a 1st grade reading teacher so I haven't taught math in a looooong time. That being said, I don't have resources/photos to share of how I set up math in my classroom. 

I was excited to read this chapter! I was hoping it would help to give me a sense of direction for my math instruction this year. 

In the past, I have felt that by following the given math curriculum, the whole group instruction was way too long and the independent practice time was spent running around answering questions with the intention of pulling a small group. Key word being intention. By the time I was ready to pull a group, time was up. My students were not independent with the math games/choices. That is a problem. 

As I was reading about the Daily 3 math structure I couldn't help but notice how time consuming it seemed. Having to rework each lesson from the math curriculum to fit into 3 mini lessons. I'm sure it gets easier, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a teensy bit apprehensive. 

Focus lessons
Focus lesson 1: Introduce the concept using modeling and think alouds  "I do"
Focus lesson 2: Guided practice "We do"
Focus lesson 3: Word problem the reflects the concept (can be independent or with a buddy) "You do"

I totally wrote "I do", "we do" and "you do" next to each focus lesson in my notes thinking I was super clever, thinking outside the box and making connections. I wrote it in my notes like I was going to share it with all of you and blow your minds. You would think "Wow! She is really smart" and then I realized they outlined it that way in the sample lesson. Fail.  

 I really liked the way the sister's break down the focus lessons into more manageable chunks. I definitely will use that when planning out my math block. I'm not sure I will use the choices for Daily 3 though. That may be too much for me right now. 

**Do any of you currently use the Daily 3 math in some form or another?** 

This chapter really got me looking into ways to organize my math tools! I scoured the internet and it's official. I need a tool-kit. That's it. End of story. Need one now.

I suppose I have a lot of thinking (and organizing) to still do before the next year starts. I would love any helpful tips! 


  1. Sorry I don't have any tips for you since I am just considering starting this next year myself. But in any case, I enjoyed your pics & post. :-)

  2. I have a class of 24 firsties. The "tool kit" organizer is too small for me. I got an "over the door- shoe organizer...from W Mart...It has 24 POCKETS! I hung it LOW on the wall & keep the "tools" in baggies. One baggy for each student. If you need cubes...go get a baggy, bean counters..get a baggy. When we rotate or time is up...clean up & PUT YOUR BAGGY BACK IN THE POCKET! I LOVE IT! They can choose whatever manipulative works for them! Good LUCK! Wendy 1stgradefireworks


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