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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lakeshore Finds and New Friends!

Holy moly! It has been a week since I've posted! Things have been super crazy and not at all productive. I seriously have a list of all the products I had every intention of creating this summer but haven't! For shame. 

I have however, been spending a lot of time thinking about how I want to set up my classroom and the things that I want to create. That counts right!?

Last Friday I had the privilege of meeting up with 2 fellow Oregon bloggers! I was so excited because I have been looking for other Oregon bloggers and we are hard to find! One is even in the same district as I am! How lucky is that!? 

I have to be honest, I was kind of nervous to meet them. 1. I am such a newbie to this blogging thing and 2. I can be super shy at first. Shocker I know! My friends don't believe me either! But I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone! I had a great time with these ladies! They were so easy to talk to and made me so happy to be a part of this new community! I can't wait to get to know them better!

If you don't follow them yet you totally should!

            Searching for Teacher Balance

We went to lunch and then hit up Lakeshore for their sale! I found a lot of great things that I have been looking for forever! 

They had a great selection of games that were all 20% the lowest price! I liked the POP addition game because I don't have any good games for addition practice and I loved the hands on aspect of it! I also liked that there was a manipulative piece as well as having to read the dice.

I also got POP for sight words. Apparently I bought any game with the word POP in it… My kids last year LOOOVED this game. You take turns pulling out a popcorn kernel, if you can read the word you get to keep it, if not, you put it back. If you pull out a card that says POP you have to put all your pieces back into the box. It is so simple but they totally love it! It comes in 3 levels of sight words!

I wanted a good phonics based game but was very picky about what I was looking for. Most of the games I found just had you find the missing letter. That seemed way  too easy and not rigorous enough. I chose this game because it upped the rigor! You get 5 letters and then have 1 minute (can be adapted with other timers) to make as many words as you can! Then you add up your points! Math and literacy all in one!? Score!

I also found these awesome magnetic paper holders! They would be perfect for holding make up work, calendars, important papers to send home, etc. I just hope they stick to my chalkboard… 

Next are these bad boys! I have been looking for these for awhile now with no luck! These will definitely cut down on my copying. Thank goodness because that can be such a big time suck! 

Last, I bought a bunch of chevron borders. I love chevron if you can't tell. I've decided to change my classroom theme for next year to include chevron, but I'm undecided on which color(s). What do you think!? I figured better be safe and buy them all! 

If you happen to have/know someone who has chevron classroom decor that would save me the time of making it, because clearly I have no motivation this summer!