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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently!

What!? July!? How did that happen? It is time to link up with the adorable Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. I swear, without her, I wouldn't know what month it was. Summer. Amiright!?

Listening: Friends marathon. Enough said. Good-bye productivity.

Loving: I can't wait to dig into my new Erin Condren planner. I just need to figure out where I put my grading pens…Apparently my husband knows where they are, but he's holding that information captive for the time being. I'll find a way to get it out of him. But once I find them, you better believe I'm gonna blog all about it!

Thinking: I can't believe it is already July and I've only added 3 things to my TPT store. For shame. I am hoping to remedy that this month. Although that's what I said last month...

Wanting: I love crepes. That is all. Crepes for days.

Needing: Really really really needing some good news on the baby front. Thank you all for the positive thoughts! We are in the 2 week wait. Longest 2 weeks of my life. 

4th plans: Every year my family hosts a huge BBQ. It lasts all day long! Parade in the a.m. followed by biscuits and gravy! Then we play invisible baseball, have water balloon fights, play messy twister and have lip sync battles. As always there will be ribs. Oh so many ribs. All up in my belly. Fireworks and any other shenanigans we come up with! It is always so much fun! I can't wait. I look forward to this every year. 

Plus, you know I go crazy with my thematic party planning. I will post all kinds of red, white and blue photos along the way! 

Now I need to find something to eat before I die. Like seriously, die. Can't wait to read all of your currentlys! Yes, I just made that a word. Spell check is not a fan.

Have a fabulous night! I hope it isn't as hot where you are as it is here. This is unheard of in Oregon. For a second I thought I might have been in Vegas…wishful thinking. So sad to be missing that!