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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chocolate Fever...

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful (long) Memorial Day Weekend! I know that many of you are finished with your school year, and I must say, I am super jealous! We have 13 days left, and as you know, that means its crunch time. Not to mention, my placement for next year is still up in the air. So I am packing up without knowing where I'm moving to. But I should know something tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

My to-do list grows with every passing minute and yet all I want to do is watch Game of Thrones, try on my new Stitch Fix and read my Cosmo.

But before I start "lesson planning" I thought I would link up with Teaching Maddeness for Must Read Monday! :)
Must-Read Monday Linky
I like to end each school year with a chapter book, and my classes always love, lovelove Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith. Now, personally I don't understand the concept of Chocolate Fever. I am not a sweets kind of gal. I prefer salty. Popcorn fever, potato chip fever, beef jerky fever….That's more like it.

 If you've never read Chocolate Fever, I highly recommend it!

(Click on photo to check this book out on Amazon!)

We started this book today! The kids were so sad when I got to the end of the first chapter. They even asked if they could come in during recess so I could keep reading it to them. I love when they get excited about reading! 

Before we read the first chapter, we discussed some of the tricky words and came up with body movements for each word. The words we used were:
hatched: They pretended to hatch out of an egg
slim: They held their hands close together to show "skinny"
bitter: They made some awesome faces for this one, I wish I had taken pictures. 
fever: They placed their hand on their head and looked "ill"

Anytime they heard these words in the book, they did the movement to help them remember the meaning! I do this with any story we read. It's my little way to front load those tricky vocab words and the kids have fun coming up with the body movements!

After reading, we worked on our Chocolate Fever Menus for Henry Green. Here are some photos! This is just our brainstorm sheet. We will make more formal menus tomorrow!

(Some of their handwriting still, I tell ya…Sheesh).

I hope you are all enjoying your final days in the classroom or you are relaxing and enjoying your summer vacay! 

I think I'll post about my summer bucket list soon to get me in the mindset! Until next time :)