Saturday, June 28, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study {Chapter 7}

Whoa! This week kind of got away from me! But the good news is I stuck to my schedule AND my PD for this summer is done! Now I can really focus on my TPT store and blogging with all of you wonderful teachers! :)

Before I dive into my thoughts on chapter 7 of the Daily 5: Second Edition here are a few side notes:

- This "summer" weather is really bumming me out. Gotta love Oregon.
- I am still patiently waiting for my first Erin Condren planner to arrive! 
- I can't wait to get into my new classroom and start setting up/decorating. Is that weird!?

I was really excited for this chapter because it focuses on when/how to launch the option of choice within the Daily 5. This is probably the scariest part of Daily 5 because we as teachers are no longer "in control". The funny thing is that we are actually more in control during Daily 5 choices because we have given students the tools they need to be independent. Students are actively engaged in meaningful reading/writing choices during this time, that the room is actually very controlled. It's my favorite thing about the Daily 5 structure! 

The key components of choice as outlined by the sisters:
- Knowing the expectations                            
- Possessing the skills needed to meet the expectations  
- Being trusted to carry out the choices
 - Taking responsibility to carry out choices 

I thought this was perfectly outlined! It really solidified the concept for me and served as a great reminder. Choice is only successful if  all 4 of those components are in place. 

My biggest challenges with the Daily 5 choices:
- Preventing boredom within the choices (especially word work). The sisters' mention keeping the same choices year round and not introducing new ones. But I find that students burn out of the same word work choices day in and day out. 

I liked reading some of the word work ideas/materials that the sisters use. What kinds of materials do you use? How do you prevent boredom?

- Student accountability to make the "right" choice. By right choice I mean, making sure they are making different choices each time that focus on the skills and strategies they need to work on.    

The most important thing to remember about the Daily 5, which I am guilty of forgetting, is that it is completely flexible! Each group of students is different and we need to keep that in mind when progressing through the initial launching process. 

I actually have a question about checking in! Do you have students check-in before they make their choice or after? I struggle with this piece because I feel like it takes SO much time! If you have to ask each student their choice/strategy before they get started that can take 10 minutes easy! And then if stamina is comparable to their age, they've lost all their stamina before you even make it to a guided reading group! I haven't figured out the best balance for this yet. I want students to be checking in and making meaningful choices but I also want as much time as possible with my guided reading groups! Any tips!?

I am excited to read your thoughts on chapter 7! I am also super super excited to read about this new Math Daily 3 business. I sense a big change in my math set up coming!


  1. For the checking in piece I give each student a check on sheet at the beginning of each month. For each day all choices are listed. I do read to self as a whole class do that I can conference with students. Once read to self is done I ask students to highlight it. After each rotation I ask the students to highlight what they did. A great tool when writing report cards and for conferencing. I tell them that each centre needs to be done by the end of the week. I know in the second edition writing has to be done every day which I like so I will in the new school year have them do this.


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