Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh, Sometimes I Get Good Feelings

If you sang that title out loud like I did, then we should totally be friends! Anyways, I saw this cute idea from Wish Upon A Teacher on Instagram and thought I would adapt it to fit into our end of the year countdown.

For day 6 of our countdown, I wanted to do something that could be turned into a keepsake for students to take home on the last day and I also wanted to take some time to slow down and really acknowledge the wonderful qualities each student brings into the classroom! We too easily get wrapped up in the putting out those behavior "fires" that it is easy to lose sight of the positives. 

To start the activity, we reviewed adjectives and brainstormed a list of adjectives to describe our friends in the classroom. They came up with so many amazing words, I was impressed. Some of my favorites were compassionate, astonishing and  generous. I should have taken a picture of the brainstormed list *facepalm*. I swear some day I will get the hang of taking pictures! 

We then walked around the room and wrote compliments on each of our friends stars!

This was such a great activity! If you have time, I highly recommend it. It is so wonderful seeing them all so focused and excited to give compliments. :) 

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  1. Very cute! I'll definitely try to do this next year :)


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